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April 09, 2013
"Cas Haley's third studio album, LA SI DAH, is set to come out May 28 on Easy Star! When Cas Haley set out to make the follow-up to his successful 2010 release Connection, one thing drove him in the writing and planning for the sessions. "I kept thinking," says the Paris, TX-based singer/songwriter, “if I died tomorrow, and my kids had only one musical statement through which to know me, what would I want that record to be?” The resulting record, La Si Dah, is packed with what makes Cas Haley who he is: personal lyrics, musical diversity, outstanding musicianship and authenticity. Adding to this unique vibe is the manner in which the recording sessions were financed; working with the crowd-sourcing website Pledge Music, Haley was able to raise money through his fans (many of whom are thanked in the record).

La Si Dah was produced by Haley himself, with consultation on the recording by his good friend, the Grammy-Award Winning Producer/Engineer Rob Fraboni, best known for his work with Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones. When it came to the recording process, the above principles driving Cas led him to aim for a more authentic sound, in line with the honesty and integrity he tries to live by in his daily life. As Cas so passionately states, “Being in a world so heavily influenced by commercialism and the expectations of perfection paired with the technology and tools to synthesize that perfection, in my opinion, has zapped the very essence out of the majority of music today. The last two years I have been searching for the solution to this problem. With the guidance of my great friend and mentor Rob Fraboni, this album is my attempt to find the spirit of music.” La Si Dah’s pure sound and vibe was accomplished by using the recording techniques of Rob Fraboni. “The first thing we did was take away all elements of separation. All the instruments and most of the vocals were recorded in the same room at the same time with no isolation and no headphones. Fraboni is from the day when capturing the sound of the performance was the goal versus manipulating them,” Haley enthusiastically adds.

The 13 tracks on La Si Dah continue Cas’s ability to mine his own personal narrative for poignant and catchy songs. First single “La Dah,” came from a dream Cas had about his grandmother, where she helped him to forgive his father for things he had never done for Cas. “Wait For Me,” a powerful ballad, reads like a personal love letter to his wife from the road. “Let Her Go,” a slow burner steeped in old R&B, came out of a weekend spent with his father, jamming together and discussing his parents’ marriage. The nyabinghi-drum inflected “Tally Tally” grew from ongoing conversations with his manager, where the two of them had to come to terms with their own personality differences to further Cas’s career goals. Just as important to the record are three instrumentals (“Jackson,” “Capricorn,” “Trash Day”) that help show off Cas’s natural abilities as a musician, since the focus on him is most often squarely on his powerful voice.

Check out a stream of the first single, "La Dah" here:

" More info »

April 08, 2013
"Building up further anticipation for the release next week of John Brown's Body's new record KINGS AND QUEENS, leading US reggae website The Pier is featuring the track "Dust Bowl" as their MP3 Leak of the Week. Click here to download the track.

The Pier also ran a 4-star review of the record, check it here. They say that KINGS AND QUEENS "...is a bold attempt to reclaim the band’s rightful position atop the progressive-reggae throne," among many other strong praises. " More info »

March 28, 2013
"The Green has just announced the 'Take Me On Tour' with special guests The Expanders! They will be playing shows up the west coast in California, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. Along the way they will play some of the biggest festivals in the country, including the California Roots Festival, Wakarusa Festival (in Ozark, AR), Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Reggae in the Desert, and Rockin Roots Festival.

The Green also has new merchandise, which can be purchased here. Send a photo of you with your The Green shirt on and they’ll add it to the Your Green Shirts album! Post your photo on their Facebook wall and tag "The Green" in your photo, or Tweet your photo to @TheGreen808, or email it to thegreen808@gmail.com. " More info »

March 05, 2013
"After a successful trip to South America this past December, Easy Star All-Stars are returning to play two shows in Peru and Argentina. This will mark the fourth time the band has played in Buenos Aires (March 24), but only the first ever show in Lima, Peru (March 22). Check the band's tour page for more info on the shows. " More info »

February 21, 2013
"We are excited to announce that the first new full-length studio album from John Brown's Body is due for release on Easy Star April 16!

As reggae music continues to reach new heights in America, John Brown’s Body (JBB) has been there from the beginning, constantly pushing and evolving the U.S. reggae scene through explosive live shows and critically-acclaimed recordings. Their new album, Kings And Queens, out April 16th on Easy Star Records, is no exception. Kings And Queens is the band’s most ambitious release to date, encompassing the entire history of the band’s sound and legacy. Lead vocalist Elliot Martin reaches new levels of songwriting by striking the fine balance between classic JBB roots and a fresh new JBB sound. A perfect example is the track "Old John Brown,” available for FREE download on the band’s Facebook page.

After releasing their exceptional and (mostly) instrumental JBB In Dub EP late in 2012, the band is already back with their eighth studio album, and first full-length since 2008’s chart-topping (#1 Billboard Reggae) Amplify. Kings And Queens features twelve new songs that are dripping in their signature “Future Roots” sound influenced by British Reggae (Aswad, Steel Pulse), roots classics (Burning Spear, Alpha Blondy), dub experimentation (Scientist, King Tubby, Sly & Robbie), and modern electronica. The results are a thicker, heavier style than most modern reggae.

Over the past five years, the Boston/Ithaca/Brooklyn-based octet has toured throughout Europe, New Zealand, and of course the U.S. performing at notable festivals Bear Creek, Gathering of the Vibes, Jam Cruise, and Wakarusa and with acts including Galactic, Groundation, and label mates The Black Seeds and Easy Star All-Stars. This road warrior-like behavior has lent its influence in the studio by capturing the infectious energy of a JBB show throughout Kings And Queens.

Easy Star Records, one of the leading reggae labels in the world, has been working with JBB since 2004. Easy Star co-founder Lem Oppenheimer enthusiastically states, “JBB has been a large part of our roster for a long time, because it’s rare to find a relationship where both label and artist have the same drive to be progressive and push each other forward. JBB and Easy Star are like family.”

In the age of fickle trends and gone tomorrow music, John Brown’s Body provides refreshing integrity and longevity. Don’t miss what All Music Guide calls, “some of the most gorgeous melodies in all of modern reggae music,” when JBB tours this spring to celebrate their new release. " More info »

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