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October 21, 2014
"Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad's new album Steady debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart, #1 on iTunes' Reggae Chart, and #1 on Amazon's Reggae Chart! This is the first time the Rochester, NY-based quintet has reached the #1 spot. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) celebrated the release of their new album with a sold-out hometown show at Zeppa Auditorium on October 4. The album's title track "Steady" is currently in heavy rotation on SiriusXM's Jam ON.

Here are a few press quotes about the album:

"Steady is a simply amazing album full of the band's deep-dish reggae, ska, and rock steady with an added burst of curiosity. It's the best thing the band has ever done." - City Newspaper
"Steady cements GPGDS as one of the most innovative and boundary-pushing reggae bands out there." - Live For Live Music
"This is one of the best reggae albums ever made." - Cider Mag "Steady is the equivalent of a painter putting his most inspired vision on canvas with impeccable execution." - Top Shelf Reggae " More info »

August 27, 2014
"8-piece funky reggae outfit Backbeat Soundsystem will have their first full-length album, TOGETHER NOT APART, coming out on Easy Star Records on October 13 in the UK and October 14 in the US (check your local territory for other release dates). The band and the label are pleased to offer the track 'Come Undone' as a free download to give a taste of what's to come.

Incorporating a mélange of soulful reggae-style vocals and rap-inspired bursts of energy alongside a sun-soaked beat, the track builds up to a 2-tone refrain of the elated chorus, perfectly showcasing their modern twist on the classic genre.

Backbeat Soundsystem build upon the conscious social commentary championed by the reggae tradition. 'Come Undone' addresses the mistake of inaction in the face of malevolent forces and emphasizes our shared responsibility in building a better future. This philosophy of reflection and union is apparent throughout Together Not Apart, which casts a critical eye on social inadequacy and presents the inclusive idea of community as a solution.

'Come Undone' will join fellow album cuts 'Fighting Bull' and 'Losing Faith,' which have already created considerable hype, amassing over 50,000 YouTube plays collectively.

A band laden with groove, their up-tempo songcraft draws from numerous influences including funk, ska, pop and dub, transcending genre limitations to create an original, affecting sound. Over their two debut EPs, the band have honed an infectious, bass-led party style – while their studio sessions are driven by a highly dynamic approach to recording, spacious multi-tracking and arrangements, they are a different beast live. The 'serious pop' songs' inherent strengths come to the fore and explode in a haze of onstage energy and pumping rhythm, demonstrating an uplifting vibe seemingly designed for festival fields. " More info »

August 12, 2014
"Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, the boundary-pushing reggae band from Rochester, NY, will release its latest studio album, Steady, on September 30, in its first collaboration with independent reggae label Easy Star Records.

The bulk of the songs on Steady were recorded in 2013 with Craig Welsch of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant co-producing. Two other tracks were recorded after those sessions and added to the sequence – the title track was co-produced by Danny Kalb (The Green, Ben Harper), while live show favorite “Mr. Cop” was recorded with Matt Saccuccimorano (John Brown’s Body).

“This is without a doubt the best sounding record we’ve ever made,” says singer-bassist James Searl. “But it’s also the most consistently solid set of songwriting we’ve done to date.”

As for ending up as part of the growing Easy Star family, Giant Panda couldn’t be happier to be on the label with a roster that includes The Green, Rebelution, John Brown’s Body, Cas Haley, The Black Seeds, and Easy Star All-Stars. The band and the label had been friends since 2008, but the timing was never right to join up forces until now. “Sometimes it takes a while for the stars to align right,” Easy Star CEO Eric Smith says. “We always bounced around the idea of working with each other, but after hearing the growth on these latest sessions and seeing how good the band’s live set had become, we knew now was the time to finally make it happen.”

Steady will be followed in early 2015 by a sequel to Country called Bright Days, which will take the band’s Americana acoustic persona even further than before. This is also due to come out on Easy Star, along with a vinyl version of Steady. In the meantime, fans both old and new can revel in the startlingly good Steady.

" More info »

July 15, 2014
"Throughout 2013, Jesse Yonover filmed The Green on tour in Hawaii, New Zealand, California, Washington, and beyond. With additional editing and direction from Ryan Miyamoto, Something About It showcases The Green’s tour life on and off stage with friends and fans worldwide. The song Something About It is featured on their Hawai‘i ’13 album and premiered on Vevo on July 14th 2014. Now you can also view Something About It on Youtube as well as Vevo

Here are the links below!

YouTube " More info »

June 10, 2014
"Rebelution just released Count Me In! The album was released on Rebelution’s own label, 87 Music, in partnership with Easy Star Records. Go to rebelutionmusic.com to find places to buy the record. As of today, the album has ranked as high as #3 overall in Itunes!

Check out all of the positive feedback Count Me In has received thus far:

"Listening to ‘Count Me In’ is an invigorating, mystical mountain-top experience. The music is bright, airy, clear and brilliant." — Rustzine

"Rebelution cultivates a sun splashy sound that owes a lot to the pop-reggae efforts of Black Uhuru and Third World. ‘Count Me In’ is an easy-on-the-ears confection…with seamless and slick dancehall-style grooves." — Relix

"Rebelution’s ‘De-Stressed’…the thing is more than just a bouncy tune with horns and a funky organ line. It’s a mantra." — Fox Sports

"What really makes ‘Count Me In’ such a great album is the complex personalities that make up the band. Rebelution is all about a united band of brothers that have been earning it for years. They’re at the top of their game and they are able to climb the loftiest peaks and make it all look easy. They succeed in crafting original music that’s both totally contemporary and classic at the same time. Very Highly Recommended." — Rustzine " More info »

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