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July 10, 2012
"As the anticipation builds for the upcoming release on August 28, 2012, of Easy Star's Thrillah, Easy Star Records is excited to release the digital-only Billie Jean EP via iTunes including two tracks off the album: "Billie Jean" featuring Luciano and "Human Nature" featuring Cas Haley. The EP also features two non-album "Billie Jean" remixes from Mister Vibes and Sounduo and an exclusive dub version of "Billie Jean," mixed by producer Michael Goldwasser, along with Joe Tomino (Dub Trio/Matisyahu).

Luciano's stunning vocal performance on "Billie Jean" is his third collaboration with Easy Star, having also sung "With A Little Help From My Friends" on Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band and co-written the early original single "Hopes On High" with Michael G for Easy Star Vol. 2: Dancehall Culture. Guest vocalist Cas Haley also has a rich history with the Easy Star All-Stars, from multiple tours together to appearing on their 2011 album First Light. The two join up again for three upcoming tour dates (8/10 @ The Festival of Gnarnia, 9/7 @ High Noon Saloon, 9/8 @ Shangri-La Festival).

On the two remixes, Israeli dub artist Mister Vibes strips down his version with twisting melodica lines and spaced-out effects, while dubstep, glitch, and electronic fans will gravitate toward the Sounduo remix. Sounduo is the post-dub, audio/visual live performance project of Miami's William Mills and Zach Morillo.

Go to the Easy Star All-Stars website to help us spread the word about the EP. If 1500 fans share info about the release via Facebook, it will free up the non-album track "Human Nature Dub" for download!

" More info »

July 05, 2012
"We are very excited to announce the teaming up of London's fast-rising reggae/ska band The Skints with Easy Star All-Stars on their fall tour. The Skints will be on four of the shows at the start of tour – Reading, Kendal, New Brighton and York – while the last 10 shows will have Laid Blak lending support. Both The Skints and Laid Blak are coming on strong in the UK scene and we are excited to be pairing new blood with Easy Star All-Stars on this run.

Check out The Skints' latest video for "Rise Up" here and their first single, "Ratatat," here. Check out Laid Blak's "Red" video here.

For more details on the UK tour and links to buy tickets, go here.

" More info »

June 12, 2012
"Let the record be revealed! Easy Star's Thrillah can be pre-ordered now! You can also listen to the first single "Billie Jean" for the next week until June 19 (and download it for free). Check the Fall Tour dates in US and UK. More dates will be announced soon. Check out the teaser video for the record here.

Following up on the hugely successful reggae tribute albums of Dub Side of the Moon (2003), Radiodread (2006) and Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009) comes the reggae adaptation of the greatest selling record of all time – Michael Jackson's Thriller. The album, titled Easy Star's Thrillah will be released August 28, 2012 (a day before the 53rd anniversary of Jackson's birth). Easy Star's Thrillah brings back several of the reggae stars from previous albums, such as vocalists Michael Rose (Black Uhuru), Steel Pulse, Luciano, Mojo Morgan (Morgan Heritage), alongside the diverse playing of guests Yossi Fine (David Bowie, Lou Reed, Stanley Jordan), Joe Tomino (Dub Trio/Matisyahu), Andy Farag (Umphrey's McGee), and horn tracks courtesy of Israel's highly-acclaimed funk/hip-hop band Hadag Nachash. The album will be preceded by the July 10th digital release of the Billie Jean EP, which includes two album tracks, along with non-album remixes and a dub version.

In selecting Thriller, Easy Star Records co-founder Lem Oppenheimer says, "We've always tackled the greats - The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead - but while we wanted to take on another huge album, we also wanted to blaze new trails. In Thriller we found those new trails in a number of firsts for the series: the first album by an American artist, the first non-concept album, the first R&B/soul record, as well as the first release from the 80s."

"For me, I was most excited for Thriller," says producer/arranger/guitarist Michael Goldwasser. "I was always more of an R&B/soul and reggae kid growing up and I have an intense personal connection to Michael Jackson's music." As usual, the process initially involved Goldwasser spending a few months on arranging the songs. "Writing the arrangements for this album was a cool challenge. I didn't have to try to make non-dance music into dance music as on our previous albums because the original Thriller is so danceable already, but I needed to find ways to make each song groove in a different way from the original version. I didn't want any of the arrangements to be obvious in that regard." In the end, Goldwasser's arrangements are some of the most interesting in his career.

Now that the hard work in the studio is done, the band is looking forward to bringing this music on the road, adding some dance/pop songs to their already varied sets. The band's live show, which was nominated for a UK Festy Award in 2009, already features tracks from the band's previous three tribute albums, along with original material. An extensive fall tour of the US and UK is already set up (US dates listed below), with more to come over the next year. As the original Thriller album comes up on its 30-year anniversary in November, what better way to celebrate this timeless album than to catch the Easy Star All-Stars perform their reggae-infused versions of this pop masterpiece.

" More info »

May 22, 2012

The Easy Star All-Stars are releasing a new tribute album on August 28, 2012. Can you guess which album they will cover? Visit the ESA website at easystarallstars.net, where you can vote on which album you think the Easy Star All-Stars will cover. Just by voting, you will get three free downloads, and by sharing from the website on Facebook and Twitter, you can get three more. Voting will be open until the final day, but to be eligible for the grand prize (including the entire Easy Star Records catalog), vote online by June 1st. The full details on the album, including pre-order and fall tour dates, will be revealed on June 12th along with the cover art.

" More info »

April 20, 2012
"There will be a limited edition release of a green-vinyl LP version of WAYS & MEANS by The Green coming out Saturday, April 21, for Record Store Day. There were only 1000 copies printed, so hustle to get one. A partial list of participating stores that have ordered copies is below. You can always check in with your local participating Record Store Day indie store and if they don't have it, ask them to order it for you. The record will eventually be available in a broader release in a few weeks, but it'll be first come first serve until it runs out.

Participating Stores:

Amoeba Records (San Francisco, CA)
Rasputin (Bay Area, CA)
Dimple Records (multiple California locations)
J & R (New York)
Waterloo (Austin, TX)
Street Light (various California locations)
Music Millenium (Portland, OR)
Silver Platters (locations around Seattle, WA)
Sonic Boom (Seattle, WA)
Hot Poop (Walla Walla, WA)
Easy Street (Seattle, WA)
B-Side Music (Seattle, WA)
Zia Records (Arizona)
Independent Records (Colorado)
Fingerprints (Long Beach, CA)
Boo Boo Records (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Cactus (Houston, TX)
Record Archive (Rochester, NY)
and many more! " More info »

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